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Trimix Injections

prescription required
5ml Vial - 10-25 doses

TriMix injections consist of a formulation of three drugs that are compounded to treat erectile dysfunction. These three drugs are phentolamine, papaverine and alprostadil. Each drug plays - Read More

*This service requires a prescription from licensed medical practitioner. We charge a $5 consultation fee for a prescription. No charge if the patient doesn't qualify for a prescription.

What are Trimix injections?

TriMix injections consist of a formulation of three drugs that are compounded to treat erectile dysfunction. These three drugs are phentolamine, papaverine and alprostadil. Each drug plays a different role where they complement each other and create a synergy effect. Studies have shown each drug independently does not typically work well enough to be effective. In the end it's truly an example of a case where the sum is greater than the parts.

Oral erectile dysfunction medications have shown to be effective in approximately 60% of all men. This is partially due to the nature delivery. With Trimix the delivery is local so it increases the effecitveness tremendously. Trimix is administered with a tiny needle into the base of the penis. There is very little pain or discomfort associated with the injection since the base of the penis is not as sensitive.


Trimix has been shown to be nearly 95% effective for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 


In as little as 5 to 15 minutes users of Trimix can get an erection good enough to perform sexual activities. 


Trimix injections can make an erection firm enough for sexual penetration and last several hours.

How to Use Trimix

Typical Trimix Usage

Trimix is injected into the base of the penis in order to increase enough bloodflow to allow for an erection with stimulization.

Trimix Dosage

Trimix dosage varies from individual to individual and is adjusted by the prescribing practitioner. It can often take several adjustments to get the optimal formula for the patient.


Alprostadil is a prostaglandin. Prostaglandins are compounds that naturally occur in the body that offer similar like effects of hormones. This hormone-like effect relaxes the tissue in the penis and allows greater vacillation or blood flow.


Papaverine is typically used as an anti-spasmodic or to relax blood vessels. It facilitates an erection by relaxing the smooth muscle in the penis to allow blood flow.


Phentolamine causes blood vessels to dilate which systematically increases blood flow in the penis. Like other muscles relaxants when the muscle is relaxed, vessels can expand and allow greater blood flow.

Precautions & Side Effects of Trimix

Some of the following side effects may occur when taking Trimix. If you experience any of these side effects and are concerned please feel free to contact us to.speak to one of our practitioners.

  • Slight Bruising
  • Infection With Poor Hygene

Trimix Medication Prices

Price is for Invigor Medical treatment for erectile dysfunction which includes a consultation with one of our practitioners and cost of the medication. Your payment will only processed after the practitioner qualifies you for a prescription. After your consultation with the practitioner they will send your prescription to our partnered national US pharmacy who will dispense medication and ship to you in an unmarked package.

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