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52% of all men over 40 have experienced Erectile Dysfunction.

Common treatments for erectile dysfunction typically only include oral medication. While these are effective for 60% of men, it still leaves 40% untreated. At Invigor Medical we offer an alternative compounded medication that is 95% successful for treating mens erectile dysfunction.

Invigor Medical also treats men for low sex drive, low energy, poor sleep, joint pain, fatigue and more. These are just a few reasons why our patients are so loyal.

If Oral E.D. Meds Don’t Work


(papaverine / phentolamine / alprostadil)
Specially formualted from 3 medications, TriMix is a local injection that has a proven 95% success rate.

For Low Libido

PT-141 Injections

(10mg/mL – 2mL vial)
FDA approved medication for improving sex drive. PT-141 can be used by both men and women.