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15MG/15MG Vial - 1 Month

Sermorelin and Ipamorelin are two excellent examples of how modern technology is merging with biological mechanisms in a way that not only results in better living, but does so in a way that is reliably safe and effective. Both Sermorelin and Ipamorelin are - Read More

Benefits of Sermorelin/Ipamorelin Injections

Sermorelin and Ipamorelin are two excellent examples of how modern technology is merging with biological mechanisms in a way that not only results in better living, but does so in a way that is reliably safe and effective. Both Sermorelin and Ipamorelin are able to independently increase the production and release of growth hormone in a natural and sustainable way that does not impact the rest of your hormones or bodily systems. The combination of Sermorelin and Ipamorelin is a popular protocol for one reason: they work together in a physiologically impressive way.

Traditional routes of increasing growth hormone in the body were notoriously rife with side effects, but because Sermorelin and Ipamorelin do so in a way that complements your physiology, you can rest assured that treatment with both is likely a solution to the negative effects you may be experiencing from decreased growth hormone levels. Don’t think you are alone, growth hormone decreases in a linear fashion as we age. In fact, research has shown that natural growth hormone release drops dramatically after around the age of 30.

Starting at, on average, 150 µg/kg released per day during puberty, then decreasing to approximately 25 µg/kg/day by age 55 (µg means nanograms, a very small amount but growth hormone is incredibly powerful). This enormous reduction means a decreased ability to build muscle mass, reduced capacity to oxidize (burn) stored body fat for fuel, decreased bone mineral density and wound-healing ability, reduced appetite and sleep, and generally lowered feelings of vitality. Since we aren’t legally or safely able to just increase growth hormone via hGH injections, peptides are the logical solution to these unwanted aspects of the aging process.


Greater Fat Loss

The Sermorelin and Ipamorelin formula creates a powerful one-two punch that helps decrease body fat and makes a person more lean.


Better Muscle Gains

When trying to increase muscle mass, age can be your enemy. Sermorelin and Ipamorelin injections can work as your ally.


Improved Strength

Men lose muscle strength with age due to a lack of GH in the body. The Sermorelin / Ipamorelin formulation helps increase strength.

Is Sermorelin Worth It?

Sermorelin is a peptide analogous to the growth hormone-release hormone that is found in your brain naturally. Sermorelin functions just as the naturally occurring growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) does once it arrives at your pituitary gland. By binding to receptors specifically for GHRH, Sermorelin stimulates the production and pulsatile release of growth hormone. Treatment with Sermorelin has been shown to increase lean body mass, decrease fat mass, improve sleep quality, increase energy levels, and generally improve all aspects of life that have been adversely affected by the gradual decrease in growth hormone levels that occur with age. Sermorelin studies and reviews have found it to be relatively well tolerated by patients of all ages and it has been shown to be reliably effective at increasing growth hormone levels. Sermorelin side effects may include headache, flushing, dizziness and more. 

Is Ipamorelin Worth It?

Ipamorelin acts to increase growth hormone production and release in an entirely different way than Sermorelin. Ipamorelin mimics a gastric hormone called ghrelin in much the same way that Sermorelin mimics GHRH. By binding to ghrelin receptors on the pituitary gland, Ipamorelin is able to stimulate the production and release of growth hormone. These receptors are completely different from the GHRH receptors that Sermorelin binds to. This creates an even more effective stimulation of growth hormone release when these two growth hormone secretagogues are combined. Side effects of Ipamorelin are similar to that of Sermorelin with one exception - Ipamorelin commonly results in an increased appetite. 

How to Use Sermorelin / Ipamorelin

Typical Sermorelin/Ipamorelin Usage

The Sermorelin/Ipamorelin formula is commonly taken by subcutaneous injection, which is an injection under the skin but not in the muscle.  Like other similar injectables the best time to take the injection is in the evening since that correlates better with the natural secretion of growth hormone.

Sermorelin/Ipamorelin Dosage

The common recommended dosage of Sermorelin/Ipamorelin for anti-aging is one 300 mcg injection per day.

Precautions & Side Effects of Sermorelin/Ipamorelin

The Sermorelin/Ipamorelin formulation is a prescription medication and should be prescribed by a practitioner who is experienced in age and hormone therapy. Tell your doctor if you are taking any other medications, especially corticosteroids and thyroid medications. Untreated hypothyroidism can jeopardize the response of Sermorelin.

A temporary allergic reaction described by severe redness, swelling and urticaria at the injection sites has been reported in 16% of patients who developed antibodies.

Some of the following side effects may occur in less than 1% of patients when taking Sermorelin. If you experience any of these side effects and are concerned please feel free to contact us to speak to one of our practitioners.

  • Headaches
  • Flushing
  • Dizziness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Drowsiness
  • Hives
  • Dysphagia

Sermorelin/Ipamorelin Prices

Buying peptides online is now a relatively easy and pain-free process. It didn’t always used to be this way however, and it is still important for you to be cautious when purchasing peptides of any kind online. Sourcing your peptides from a telemedicine provider such as Invigor Medical ensures that you are getting safe and reliable products in the dosages that are required for effective treatment. Invigor Medical is also able to facilitate the process of having you fill out the required medical forms and speak to a licensed practitioner who is able to administer a prescription, all from the comfort of your smartphone. Then your prescription will be filled by a pharmacy that is qualified to work with peptides and your products will be sent to you for you to begin treatment. Sermorelin and Ipamorelin are two uniquely effective growth hormone secretagogues that may be part of the key to you starting to live a more full life, today!

  • Sermorelin / Ipamorelin 15MG/15MG - 1 Month


  • Sermorelin / Ipamorelin 15MG/15MG x 2 - 2 Months


  • Sermorelin / Ipamorelin 15MG/15MG - Subscription - (3 Mo. Min.)

    $340 / Month

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