The Basics of the BPC-157 Peptide Supplement

There’s been a lot of buzz around peptides recently for a whole host of different conditions and benefits.  They are among the vanguard of a new wave of supplements and medications that are designed as “biohacks” – essentially, using the body’s own substances and chemical triggers in new ways, to achieve various results and outcomes.  That can include weight loss, more energy, living longer and healthier, and much more.  They’re not magic, and no one peptide can do everything. ...

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turf toe a sprained toe injury in football players

How to heal a sprained toe: Diagnosis and treatment

Sprains, strains, stubs, and breaks, the toes can sustain a lot of injuries and insults. A sprained toe can sideline you from your sport or just make it challenging to get around. In this post, learn about how to recognize, treat, and heal a sprained toe, especially, learn options to heal the dreaded turf toe, the plague of many NFL players. Anatomy of the foot The foot has a complex anatomy which gives it strength, stability, and flexibility. Except for the big toe, each toe has the following...

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Buy BPC-157 Online

How to Buy BPC-157 Online Safely

There’s been a lot of excitement around BPC-157 in recent years.  It’s a synthetic peptide that’s naturally found in gastric juices…which doesn’t sound very exciting.  However, this peptide has been shown to have some remarkable benefits when taken therapeutically, such as improved wound and soft tissue healing, vascular growth, improved heart health, improved digestive health, and even boosts to neurotransmitters and mental health, among many others.  Naturally, this interest...

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Syringe and Vials

What is the Right BPC-157 Dosage?

The peptide BPC-157 has been around for over 25 years, but is unfamiliar to many people.  However, more people are starting to talk about BPC-157, because of what it can do.  It offers tremendous benefits in wound healing and recovery, gastrointestinal health, and other varied and diverse systems in the body.  It’s also generally been seen as having few and mostly mild side effects, especially as compared to many of the over-the-counter and prescription medications that are available...

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There are ways to treat Achilles tendonitis and speed up healing.

Healing plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis

Written by Leann Poston, M.D. Both the plantar fascia and the Achilles tendon attach to the calcaneus or heel bone. The plantar fascia is on the bottom surface of the foot and the Achilles tendon runs down the back of the ankle. If the calf muscles, the soleus and gastrocnemius, are tight the stretch of the Achilles tendon is inhibited, which can put extra tension on the plantar fascia. Tight calf muscles are one of the many factors that can lead to painful plantar fasciitis. Whether you...

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A bruised heel or pain after running can sideline an athlete.

Bruised heel bone or something more serious?

The Anatomy of the foot The foot plays a pivotal role in your life, whether you are a world-class athlete, a weekend warrior, or your daily exercise consists of a few trips to the kitchen. The daily stress on the foot can take its toll: from a bruised heel bone to heel pain after running due to overuse or impact injuries. When your heel or even your whole foot is sore, your activities are limited. You need effective, reliable, fast-acting treatment options.

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A Man Undergoing Physical Therapy

Common Injuries and Tips to Heal Faster

Let’s face it – life can be rough sometimes.  Injuries happen to us all at one time or another.  Depending on your balance, coordination, overall health, level of activity, and sheer luck, you may be injured very infrequently, very frequently, or somewhere in between.  Whatever the case may be, it’s a safe bet that, sooner than you care to think, you’ll likely encounter at least a minor injury.  They can be simply a nuisance, or more severe injuries may be cause for real concern. ...

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Artistic Rendering of Cells Dividing

How Can You Get a Cellular Regeneration or Healing Boost?

Modern medicine has come a long way and done some amazing things.  However, being able to wave a magic doodad over a wound and have it instantly heal, or take a pill and bust out in muscles like certain superheroes still isn’t quite a reality.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to improve your cellular regeneration and get a healing boost in your body.  This can be useful not only when you are looking to recover from, or combat a specific wound or injury, but is...

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A Man Clutches an Injured Muscle

Treatment Options for Ligament, Tendon, and Muscle Injuries

Medically reviewed by Leann Poston, M.D. on 9/18/20 Ligaments, tendons, and muscles do the lion’s share of the work of moving our bodies, day in and day out.  They absorb the strains that we throw at them, help us get from point A to point B, and provide a core element of our body’s strength.  Yet, they are often not well-understood by the average person.  All too often, the people who become most familiar with ligaments, tendons, and muscles, aside from medical professionals,...

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Woman Treating Wound

Why Wound Healing is Slower as You Age

Have you ever noticed that, as you get older, you seem to heal more slowly?  Wounds seem like they stick around a lot longer, may bleed longer before they scab over, and are simply not as resilient as you were used to when you were younger.  A cut or scrape that once would have been gone in a few days may take weeks or months to fully disappear.  You’re not imaging things – wound healing is definitely slower the older you get.  There are a variety of reasons for this, including...

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