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Trimix Injection Results | Do Trimix Injections for ED Work?

What Trimix Injection Results can I Expect?

Trimix is a mixture of 3 different medications which men inject directly into the penis for Erectile Dysfunction, and is effective for over 80% of the men regardless of the cause of ED or their age. In most cases, Trimix injection results in a hard and lasting errection, and is often used by individuals who have tried other erectile dysfunction medications with little success, including Cialis and Viagra. It is evident in reading the numerous Trimix Injection Reviews about the success rate with Trimix injection for ED are very high, but finding the correct starting dosage is important. Most doctors prescribe a small starting dosage, and increase the dosage if necessary. To learn more about Trimix Injection Results and to see Trimix injection Reviews, scroll to the Trimix Reviews section. Learn more about TriMix injection for ED. We will also discuss TriMix gel.

How Fast Does Trimix Work After Injecting?

How Fast Does Trimix Work? Trimix usually works very quickly after the injection has been made. While Trimix usually takes 5-20 minutes to achieve the maximum effects, some users report an erection after just seconds. If for some reason you don’t get an erection after 20 minutes after injectiing Trimix, don’t worry, and do not inject more Trimix. It is likely that your dosage needs to be adjusted, but you should always wait at least 48 hours before again using Trimix. The first dosage of Trimix is usually kept low to avoid Priapism (prolonged erection). Dosage should always be discussed with your doctor. Most individuals can have sex within 10-30 minutes after a Trimix Injection.

How Long does a Trimix Injection for ED Last?

How Long does a Trimix injection for ED last? The duration of an erection from Trimix varies from person to person. For most, an erection usually lasts for about an hour, but Erections using Trimix can sometimes last much longer. In case your Trimix Injection Results in an erection that lasts too long, or is too painful, you should contact your doctor. Many patients are prescribed Phenylephrine specifically for this purpose. Phenylephrine can be used as a sort of “off” switch. Trimix works as your “On” switch, while Phenylephrine is then used as the “off” switch. Most often, the client will be instructed to inject 1mL (1mg) of Phenylephrine 0.1% into the penis every 3-5 minutes until tension and swelling is relieved.

How Often Can I Use Trimix?

One of the most common questions about Trimix injection for ED is, “How Often Can I Use Trimix?”. Trmix can be used up to three times per week, and at least 48 hours apart. Keep in mind that injecting too often can cause Fibrosis, or the thickening and scarring of connective tissue. This can cause the penis to curve to the side if one side of the penis ends up with fibrosis.

TriMix Gel

TriMix gel is a less intrusive approach over TriMix injections so why don’t more men use it? Unfortunately case studies show that TriMix gel is only effective on approximately 30% of all men. So while TriMix gel may work for some, it doesn’t work for all.

Trimix Injection Reviews

Trimix Injection Reviews are consistent, showing that trimix is effective at treating Erectile Dysfunction.

Reviews for Trimix Injections

TriMix Injection Results Testimonial


After reading all the Trimix injection reviews, I decided to give it a try. Well i did it i did my first trimix injection last night. First off I cant believe i was afraid of this. I felt nothing with the needle. It took only 3 seconds, and it didn’t even bleed. It was the best sex Ive had since the operation, and I almost cried because I was my old self again. I didn’t have to worry about losing the erection, and I could do everything I wanted. I had multiple orgasms with using Trimix the first time, because I was able to keep my erection after I ejaculated. My Trimix Injection Results were amazing!

TriMix Injection Reviews Testimonial


I can speak with experience that, yes, trimix injection for ED is wonderful. But without the libido to match, it is a mixed bag. Having a libido is important, and luckily there are other medications for that.

TriMix Injection for ED


I can speak with experience that, yes, trimix injection results are wonderful. But without the libido to match, it is a mixed bag. Having a libido is important, and luckily there are other medications for that.

TriMix Gel


3 weeks ago after a disappointing 3 years of believing my uro and trying Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, and resisting the needle, trimix injection results have been a revelation. I had no pain or significant bleeding from the needle. I should have believed the Trimix injection reviews earlier, but at least I got around to it.