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Conclusions of Sermorelin Studies

One of the most-talked about anti-aging peptides of the modern age is Sermorelin.  Anti-aging peptides work in a manner similar to, but distinctly different from, traditional hormone therapies.  Rather than providing artificial hormones to the body, these peptides bind with receptors in your body, to trigger the natural production of your own hormones.  Most often, anti-aging peptides target the pituitary gland, in order to trigger the production of human growth hormone.  As such, these peptides are known as growth hormone releasing hormones, or growth hormone releasing peptides.  Sermorelin is one of these peptides, and has a substantial body of science behind it supporting its function, benefits, and safety.  In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of these Sermorelin studies, and summarize the conclusions and findings.  This will help to demonstrate the foundations on which the use of Sermorelin for anti-aging purposes are based, and further support the claims regarding the benefits that people can realize from a Sermorelin regimen. 

The Basics of Sermorelin

Sermorelin is known as a growth hormone secretagogue – it doesn’t directly mimic the action of human growth hormone.  Rather, it triggers the pituitary gland to produce human growth hormone.  This is normally the role of growth hormone releasing hormone, of which Sermorelin is an analogue.  Human growth hormone plays several important roles in the body – promoting growth in the young, and continuing to be critical for a variety of body systems throughout the balance of adult life.  Unfortunately, the levels of circulating growth hormone in the body tend to decline, by as much as 15% per decade, starting around age 30.  The result of this decline is seen in many of the typical signs and symptoms of aging – less energy, slower metabolism, higher body fat, trouble sleeping, poor wound healing or injury recovery, a weakened immune system, and more. 

The goal of treatment with Sermorelin is to help reverse many of these problems, by increasing the level of human growth hormone in the body.  This is done by encouraging the pituitary gland to produce more of the body’s own natural human growth hormone – closer to the levels you had in your body during young adulthood.  This is generally seen as much safer, with far fewer potential side effects, than the kind of traditional therapy that uses direct injections of human growth hormone itself.  That comes with a range of side effects for most people, some of which can be extremely severe, owing in part to the uneven and unnatural spikes of growth hormone this creates in the body.  Using Sermorelin for a more natural production of the body’s own hormones is far safer, with far fewer side effects, though still allows patients to realize the benefits of having increased levels of human growth hormone in the body.  Many Sermorelin studies have borne out these facts, as we’ll look at it more detail in a moment.

Multiple Sermorelin Uses

In addition to anti-aging treatments, there are other uses for Sermorelin too – many of which appear in the same Sermorelin studies.  The Sermorelin studies on safety for use of the drug in these other contexts are relevant inasmuch as they help verify the safe dosages and longer-term use of Sermorelin in humans, regardless of the purpose.  Some of these common other uses of Sermorelin include as a marker or indicator agent for human growth hormone deficiencies, treatment for same, and an indicator for pituitary function and pituitary disorders.

What the Science Says: Conclusions of Sermorelin Studies

There have been several Sermorelin studies to date, of varying scale, length, and purposes.  This is in addition to clinical trials that were completed prior to the authorization for Sermorelin to be available as a drug on the market (in the late 1980s/early 1990s).  Collectively, these Sermorelin studies help to validate the safety and efficacy of Sermorelin in its role of triggering the production of human growth hormone from the pituitary gland.  Below, we’ve summarized some details and findings of some of the major Sermorelin studies that have been conducted over the years.

Synthetic Growth Hormone-Releasing Peptides

A 2017 study regarding the efficacy of synthetic growth hormone-releasing peptides, such as Sermorelin, looked at the historical evidence accumulated over several decades for their role in helping to protect cardiac and other cells in the body against cellular death and decay.  It lays the foundation for further development of drugs and treatments based off of the action of growth hormone-releasing peptides.  Importantly, and consistent with most Sermorelin studies, this study establishes that GHRPs like Sermorelin “exhibit a broad safety profile”.  Many of the findings also support the anti-aging properties of these peptides, through signaling pathways that haven’t fully been explored (in addition to the obvious growth hormone-releasing pathways that are at the core of the functionality of compounds like Sermorelin). 

Adult-Onset Growth Hormone Insufficiency

In this study from 2006, the author looked at the efficacy of growth hormone-releasing peptides, such as Sermorelin, for treating adult-onset growth hormone insufficiency.  While more serious than the natural loss of growth hormone that comes with age, the same fundamental principles of why this is problematic, and likewise how Sermorelin can be used to treat it, are applicable here.  Direct treatment with human growth hormone has a number of problems, cited in the study.  By contrast, Sermorelin has fewer side effects or legal issues surrounding it, and is therefore seen as a better approach to managing growth hormone insufficiency. 

Effects on the Immune System

One of the earlier Sermorelin studies in the field, this 1997 study looked at Sermorelin and its effects on the immune system of aging men and women.  The net result was that the administration of Sermorelin, through its growth hormone releasing mechanism of action, had a significant and “profound immune-enhancing effect and may be of therapeutic benefit in states of compromised immune function.”

Sermorelin Reverses Decreased Growth Hormone Levels in Old Men

Perhaps one of the very earliest studies into Sermorelin following its clinical approval, this 1992 study validates that Sermorelin and other growth hormone-releasing hormones can reverse the natural decline in growth hormone levels found in aging men.  Further, this (along like many Sermorelin studies) posited that long-term treatment could improve age-related body changes, effectively offsetting the metabolic and other problems that often develop or exacerbate with increasing age. 

Effects of Single Nightly Injections of Sermorelin in Elderly Men

As with the above-referenced example among Sermorelin studies, this 1997 study found that GHRH injections with drugs like Sermorelin can help to reverse some of the muscle composition, metabolism, and skeletal-related problems that typically develop with age.  Importantly, as with all of the studies cited (and almost all that have ever been conducted), there were no serious adverse effects noticed from super-clinical dosages (2 mg, a fairly substantial dose) of the medication, meaning the lower doses used clinically for anti-aging treatment should be even more safe than that. 

Where to Buy Sermorelin

There are plenty more Sermorelin studies out there if you wish to do your own research.  The body of evidence is quite clear that Sermorelin acts to increase circulating levels of growth hormone in the body, and does so with minimal and minor side effects in the vast majority of patients.  However, it is a drug, and only available with a prescription.  If you are looking for where to buy Sermorelin, you first need to visit with a doctor or healthcare provider.  At Invigor Medical, we make this easy, by providing telemedicine consultations.  If approved, you can receive your prescription for Sermorelin and get it filled through our reputable, US-based online pharmacy, and have it shipped right to your home!  Then, you can start to realize the benefits of a Sermorelin anti-aging peptide regimen. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does sermorelin really work?

The Sermorelin studies prove that there are noticeable clinical effects of a Sermorelin regimen, specifically in those who have growth hormone insufficiency, as well as in aging populations with naturally decreased levels of circulating human growth hormone.  As with all medications, however, effects can vary by individual.  For most people who take Sermorelin to increase their level of human growth hormone production, significant increases and a corresponding reversal of the effects of aging can be realized in as little as 3 to 6 months of regular administration. 

How long does sermorelin take to work?

Sermorelin goes to work right away in the body, and only takes a few minutes to reach full effect.  However, as with all hormone products, or hormone-secreting trigger products like Sermorelin, it can take a period of several months to achieve the maximum effect.  For most people, this loading period takes 3 to 6 months of regular daily use of Sermorelin. 

Is sermorelin legal?

As is pointed out in several of the Sermorelin studies we’ve cited, Sermorelin is entirely legal and has no restrictions on off-label use.  This enables scientists to experiment with dosages and protocols, and develop new treatments based on the mechanism of action of Sermorelin and similar drugs.  The same cannot be said of actual synthetic human growth hormone, which is far more dangerous, with far more serious side effects, and therefore is much more highly regulated.  It should be noted, however, that even growth hormone-releasing peptides like Sermorelin may be banned substances for competitive athletics, because of the metabolic, muscule, and energy-producing edge that they can provide.  This does not, however, have any effect on their overall legal status for use. 

Concluding Thoughts

Sermorelin studies have borne out the fact that Sermorelin is a powerful compound, with many beneficial uses.  For anti-aging purposes, regular administration of Sermorelin can help to offset the natural changes that occur with aging, by increasing circulating levels of human growth hormone.  This results in more energy, less fatigue, greater lean muscle mass, an easier time developing or maintaining existing muscle mass, lower body fat percentage, improved immune function and healing, better sleep, and more.  Best of all, these benefits are available with few and relatively minor side effects, making for a safe, effective anti-aging regimen.

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